Saturday, 1st April, 11:00

Tutor: Johan Eriksson

Most people involved in electronic music has noticed the resurgence of the modular synth. However, the financial barrier to start your own Eurorack is overwhelming. In order to make modular synths more widely accessible Johan developed Xodular in the open source programming language Pure Data.
Xodular mimics the signal flow of a physical modular and is capable of creating complex modular compositions. This workshop will teach the basics of Xodular and how it can be used to create generative music. The aim is to infuse participants with enthusiasm about modular synths and to make a piece of music in Xodular.

Participants must bring their own laptop and a set of headphones
Workshop duration: 5 hours

Participation fee: 30 euros
Send an email to workshops[at] specifying the workshop you want to participate in