JØRGEN TELLER has a long career as electric guitarist, vocalist, electronic musician and performer.
He released many records solo and w. Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs
He also co-labed/performed w. many danish and international players .
Master in Electronic Music 2004-06 at Jysk Musik Konservatorium-DK.
electro acoustic and acousmatic 95-05: Dennis Smalley, Francis Dhomont, Wayne Siegel, Ivar Frounberg,
professionel since 1980:
Works / pieces has been performed live bands and ensembler I often started or co-started;
Tzarina Q Cut, 21st Guitars, David Thomas & Foreigners, JeSo, Capote, The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, Jazz’n’Noise Ensemble, Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs, Static Teller oa.
Works / pieces has been performed for +49 danish and international danse-theater-productions, conceptuelle events, inter-media, multi speakerconcerts and communications-actions at clubs, festivals and theatre.