Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist, both a composer, a singer and an author, depending on the project she is carrying out she enjoys exploring voice, sound, video and writing.

In parallel with her training as a singer, she studied composition in Paris. Since 2003 she has been performing with several musical companies.

She plays electronic and experimental music in France and abroad. Her live music is based on a device made of analogic synthesizers, revox filters, low-frequency generator and effects. Sound is waving between electronic and electroacoustic music, some of them made from different sources (voices, concrete sounds) are processed, put into spaces and mixed to analogic.

Her album first Matrice and Vaisseaux (DAC records) received a very good response from international medias and Matrice became an audio-visual performance with video artist Philippe Fontes.

She wrote two monologues of theater published in Alna (France) : Ligne and Mater.