The Enerzion project comes from a fascination for the "energy space".  Enerzion's performances are characterized by the live arrangement of sounds from everyday objects.
Electromagnetic recordings, circuit-bending, sampled field-recording, fuel a practice that examines our hyper-electronic environment.  These captures allow the realize 
of a hyper materialism become at best a decor.  

Mad Processor  

Analogical experimentation is the spearhead of my project. "Mad Processor" is a name borrowed directly from Mad Professor, famous dubber who, from an early age, made his own machines. 
After discovering the "circuit bending", I wanted to focus my research on video hacking, and the sound it produces. 
For the sake of aesthetics and freedom of creation, I am led to triturate, modify, hack almost obsolete machines.
One of my motivations, is also to create unique objects of which I am the only master, who sometimes also take independence!