Saturday, 3rd March, 12:00

Tutor: Liam Goodacre
Context is a modular sequencer for PD which allows users to create custom sequencing environments. Musical compositions are created in the form of a Context network, where multiple Context units are connected together (each housing a small pattern or melody). Context networks can incorporate linear, random, structural and logical behavior in any way the user chooses, making them extremely versatile platforms for musical composition.
This workshop teaches you how to compose music on Context. Basic topics will include installation, creating and manipulating Context, storing and sending messages, forming a basic network, and linking Context with other PD patches and instruments. Advanced topics will include Markov chains and stochastic behavior, creating generative networks using the input language, and sample embedding.
Context is difficult to teach yourself but easy and exciting when learned as a group. This workshop is recommended for those interested in generative music and PD.

Participants must bring their own laptop and a set of headphones
Workshop duration: 4 hours

Participation fee: 25 euros
Send an email to workshops[at] specifying the workshop you want to participate in